A painter and sailor from the end of the world


"Through my work I question my audience; I invite them to be connected with their own emotions and experiences."


After holding successful positions as a top executive in important companies, Cristián, motivated by his perpetual artistic call, decided to change his path and dedicate his life to painting. He left the city, and found a magical space by the shores of Lago Rapel in the central part of Chile. He paints while in close contact with nature as well as spending long hours sailing and enjoying long conversations around a good glass of wine.

His ancestors lived in Northern France until a sailor decided to venture toward the southern oceans. It is said that this ancestor arrived to Chile through Patagonia. Fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people, he settled in Chile and started a new life.

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Exhibitor at ART Santa Fe 2015

Cristián participated at ART Santa Fe 2015, one of the main international contemporary art fairs in America. Santa Fe, NM, is worldwide recognized as an active art center for the quality and variety of works offered by more than 240 galleries.

Cristián exhibited 10 paintings -oil on canvas- focused on the Aurora Australis / Borealis, serie developed from his research on these light phenomena, seduced by its magnetism, magic and colorful.



A dialogue between expression and intuition

The themes in Cristián’s work encompass realities and fictions, characters, places, feelings and dreams, all illuminating how he sees the world.

His creative process flows from a dialogue between expression and intuition in which his ideas and experiences intertwine with what his work needs to express. A bit of magical realism can be recognized in his style.

Cristián’s art is not explicit, but more suggestive; color plays an important role as the main character.


His recent paintings

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Energy and passion

His studio is situated by the banks of Lago Rapel, 100 miles from Santiago, the capital of Chile.

The strong energy of this place inspires and stimulates the free expressions of his interior world, while the natural surroundings give him a space to reflect and develop his passion: painting.


Intense colors and textures

Situated in the southern part of South America between the Andes and the ocean, no other country possesses Chile's particular geography. The country is crossed by a wide diversity of climates and landscapes, from the arid deserts to the Antarctic ices, passing through fertile valleys and deep forests.

Intense colors and textures are melted to create this exceptional country, populated by a diverse people that reflect the diversity of the landscape, bringing their stories, legends, myths and traditions; all integrated to give form to Cristián’s work.


Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about my work or to discuss about your needs. I’m able to take commissions from any country.

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